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  • Osteopathic approach to diaphragm, 16.7.2022 Bratislava


    This seminar will introduce you to the skills needed for safe and effective treatment of the diaphragm using the osteopathic principle.

    The seminar lasts 8 hours.

  • Pediatric 1


    Program kurzu bude obsahovať potrebné teoretické základy, ktoré nám následne umožnia pochopiť praktický manažment, všetko v rámci osteopatického prístupu.

  • Pediatric 2


    Second part: Immune and lymphatic system in babies and how to enhance it? What’s the role of microbiota in immunity and general well-being? We will also have a closer look at most frequent issues: otitis media, sinusitis, atopic problems. (practical part will include work with lymphatic system,  frontal, maxillary and ethmoid sinuses, mobilization of the…

  • Tensegrity and its application and manual therapy


    Tensegrity as a scientific study has its roots and architecture in the late 1940s, but its principles have been progressively incorporated in numerous fields of research and practise. With the advent of the ground-breaking, evidence-based work of Donal Ingber over the last three decades on cellular tensegrity, it has entered the field of Biological Sciences…