Pediatric 2




  1. Second part:

Immune and lymphatic system in babies and how to enhance it? What’s the role of microbiota in immunity and general well-being? We will also have a closer look at most frequent issues: otitis media, sinusitis, atopic problems. (practical part will include work with lymphatic system,  frontal, maxillary and ethmoid sinuses, mobilization of the temporal bone, venous and lymphatic drainage of the cranium)

Gastro-intestinal system: anatomy and physiology. Theoretical and practical approach to the most common problems: happy spitters vs gastro-esophageal reflux disorders, colics, constipations etc.

Practical part will include work on some of the internal organs (liver, stomach, guts); we will discuss different ways to affect it

Some ortopedic considerations in children (scoliosis, Schuerman disease, chest deformities, lower extremity problems – slipped epiphysis, Perthe’s disease, juvenile arthritis etc.), osteopathic approach to musculo- skeletal problems

Integration of different modalities in regulatory treatment in babies (cranial, visceral and parietal)

Magdalena Klimaszewska, Msc PT (Master degree in Physiotherapy), DO (Diploma in Osteopathy), DPO (Diploma in Pediatric Osteopathy)

Magdalena has completed her Physiotherapy studies (Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław and Univerzita Karlova v Praze) and Osteopathic Education (5 years programme in Akademia Osteopatii, Polska plus  2 years specialization in pediatric osteopathy).

Involved in Osteopathy as a practitioner, teacher and translator of books from osteopathic and medical field. Professionally she is sharing her time between work with patients in her clinic and teaching wide range of osteopathic approaches in Poland and abroad, focusing mainly on the work with the youngest patients.

Recently she is the cofounder of the Institute for Postgraduate Osteopathy Education (IPOE) and initiator of project Kirgistan, aiming to bring osteopathic help for people in Kyrgyzstan.